About Us

Swaasth India is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Government of India), the American Association of Physicians of India origin USA (AAPI), Global Association of Physicians of Indian origin (GAPIO) and the British Association of Physicians of Indian origin,UK.

The genesis of Swaasth India was during the Pravasi Bharitya Diwas (PBD 2010) in Jaipur, India where this was presented by Mr. Anwar Feroz, Honorary Advisor to AAPI(USA), GAPIO and BAPIO(UK). This was enthusiastically supported by the senior members of the MOH & FW and MOIA.

Swaasth India will provide an online platform to provide information and requirements of government or NGO run health and wellness programs in India to physicians of India origin from around the world, enabling them to enroll and support healthcare needs in villages, districts and states of choice in India.

If you work for the government and are responsible for health related issues, you can post your requirements on the Swaasth India website. These requirements may include health screening camps or capacity building programs. These posted requirements will be made visible to the Indian origin physicians from all around the world, who may apply to offer their services in order to support these programs.

If you are a physician of Indian origin, situated anywhere around the globe, you can post your profile as well as search for relevant needs for your services on the Swaasth India website. On behalf of the partners, Swaasth India would like to thank you for offering your services and expertise to improve health conditions in India.

Information shared on this website is processed in a highly secure and confidential manner. Only physicians, with approved profiles, would be able to access government's health related requirements. This is to prevent misuse of your information and to ensure a seamless, secure interaction between the government and the physicians offering these services.


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